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20 January 2017 @ 05:24 pm
So Chris Evans was apparently running a mini-escape room at Comicazi, and none of us noticed the people yelling "Hail Hydra" in the middle of Davis.

He's doing an escape room fundraiser and contest to benefit Christopher's Haven.

Personally, I plan to win, and do an escape room with Captain America.
20 January 2017 @ 04:02 pm
The year is 2116 and humanity has yet to make contact with another intelligent species. Exploration Commander John Allen wants to change that, but after returning from his first mission with no memory, he is forced to recall events through interrogation by an electronic Jury. Travel into Commander Allen's mind and discover what took place on the planet Nochus. Did he find intelligent aliens? Did they survive the encounter? What happened to make him lose his memory? This eerie and thought-provoking tale will leave you questioning your own senses.

Unity Somerville, 6 William Street at College Ave

Saturday, January 28th at 8pm

FREE with suggested donation of $5

Cage of Light is a staged reading based on a play written by Canadian radio producer Bill Gray for the 1980s CBC series Vanishing Point. It has been adapted for the stage by Theatre@First sound designer and former Post-Meridian Radio Players artistic director Neil Marsh.

For more information, visit http://www.theatreatfirst.org/shows/cage_of_light/cage_of_light.shtml
This enclosed canvas wardrobe is great for storing winter clothes in the summer, or summer clothes in the winter, or avoiding dust in a storage area or closet.
I have it disassembled. It's pretty sturdy once put together.

It measures 63 inches high x 36 inches wide x 20 inches deep.

This is the product description at the Container Store. Yours for $20.
20 January 2017 @ 08:47 am
I have 3 kitchen-trash-bag size bags of clean bubble wrap, free for the asking. Union Square, let me know if you want them and I'll let you know where to pick them up, thanks!
19 January 2017 @ 01:04 pm
They don't have Big Gulps or Slurpees yet, but most of the private-label-branded merchandise now says "7 SELECT" rather than "TD's Cafe" or "Tedeschi's". The point-of-sale terminal now displays "7REWARDS" on its screen when it's not in use.

They're selling small coffees for 50 cents. I wonder if that's just to get rid of the remaining stock of "TD's Cafe" paper cups.

One of the employees said they expect to see the store rebranded by the end of February.

(Earlier post from May 2015, when 7-Eleven bought the Tedeschi's chain.)
Per the Boston Globe:  Capuano joins Clark, will skip Trump’s inauguration

So who is going to the Boston Women's March for America on Saturday? Do you have your Pussy Hat ?

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Just before Christmas I posted about how I came home only to find several SPD vehicles, along with numerous officers, 2 handcuffed (apparent) perps, and a couple of piles of packages in front of my apartment; come to find out that the police had just broken up/arrested part of a package-stealing ring which had been wrecking havoc all around West Somerville.  Ron had already told me that this had ended up on Universal Hub, but little did I know that I was going to end up getting a shout-out in the pages of Scout Somerville as well for that very DSLJ post! (It's on Page 8 under "Winners and Losers," FWIW.)  Whatever shall I do with my newfound fame?... ;-)

(BTW, I know several readers mentioned either having missing packages of their own or knowing people who hadn't received packages yet--did everyone end up getting their mail eventually?)
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13 January 2017 @ 01:10 pm
The Oat Shop, "Boston's first oatmeal cafe", has officially opened at 22a College Avenue, replacing American Bakers Cafe.

(Earlier posts here and here.)

The former iYO Cafe/Bistro at 234 Elm Street has a big new RESTAURANT AVAILABLE sign in the window. The QR code on the sign leads to a blank page, but I found the restaurant listed for sale on this page

Café / Restaurant Location 
Common Victualler License 
Busy High Traffic Location. Sales History of $14,400.00 per week. 
Approximately 2,510 SF. Rent $50 - $55 PSF. 60 Seats. 
Beautiful Buildout with Exposed Brick Walls. Great Opportunity.

with more detail available here if you login to the nerest.com website. I'll include that detail below the lj-cut.

At an informal meeting with a few local residents Wednesday evening, Ward 6 Alderman Lance Davis said that Taco Bell has expressed interest in this location for their new Taco Bell Cantina restaurant format, which includes alcoholic beverages. Only a few of these exist so far, in Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

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10 January 2017 @ 09:47 pm
Hi all - I purchased a set of IKEA kitchen cabinets recently and they are getting delivered shortly. Like most IKEA products, they will require assembly. I understand that there are a variety of services out there that will assemble and install IKEA products. I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for such a service - especially if your experience involves assembly and/or installation of kitchen cabinets.

Thanks in advance.
07 January 2017 @ 06:38 pm
Now that many of us are scrambling to find help shoveling snow, I just wanted to send a warning about how I got scammed last winter by a "service" run by a guy named Jared Wright. He offered a contract for the season and wanted the entire amount up front. I signed, I paid. And I never saw him again. If you are approached by him, run away as fast as you can.
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Hello, this is [Somerville] Mayor Joe Curtatone with important snow emergency information for Saturday, January 7.

Based on current weather forecasts, the City is declaring a snow emergency to go into effect at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, January 7th. Beginning at 10 a.m., cars will have 4 hours to move to the EVEN side of the street (unless signage on your streets says otherwise), or into a municipal or school parking lot. Again, as a reminder, this is the first winter season where cars must park on the EVEN SIDE of the street (unless otherwise posted). Ticketing and towing will begin at approximately 2 p.m. on Saturday for cars who are not moved to the correct side of the street. Please review posted signage on your street in advance. For more information, please visit http://somervillema.gov/snow or contact 311.

At this time, all recreation and school programming planned for Saturday will continue as planned, and all three branches of the library will remain open. Trash pickup scheduled for Saturday due to this week’s holiday delay will continue as normal.

Thank you as always for your cooperation and patience during this winter season.
Via their web site: http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/science-by-the-pint/

The STAT Team
The (sometimes messy) science of communicating science

Monday, January 9, 6:30-8:30pm at The Burren (247 Elm Street, Somerville)

Are you interested in learning more about what the field of science journalism looks like from the inside? Panelists from the Boston-based publication STAT will discuss what led them to a career in health and science journalism, as well as the challenges and value of investigating and reporting in this field. Small group discussions will follow the panel, so you’ll have a chance to ask questions and bring up topics you want to discuss. Members of the panel will represent a broad range of careers within science journalism, including reporting, editing, social media, marketing, multimedia, and graphic design.
04 January 2017 @ 11:10 am
I am experimenting with indoor bike lessons this winter using space at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave, Somerville.  I'm running a series of 4 classes on Sundays, beginning Jan 22 at 9:30.  People will come to my house at 14 William St near Davis Sq and get bikes etc then we'll go to the Armory for class at 10-11:30.  Second class is Jan 29 and, assuming you were at the first one, you can go straight to the Armory at 10, or come here earlier and we'll take you.  Third and fourth classes are Feb 5 and 12 at 5pm at the Armory.  We hope people will stay for all 4 classes, but they can drop out once they get what they need, if they want to.  I also give lessons at the Powderhouse School yard over the winter when there's no snow, if it seems warm enough to the student.  Contact Susan at (617) 776-6524 or SusanBMcL@gmail.com to sign up.  Check out my website: BicycleRidingSchool.org.  Happy new year!
31 December 2016 @ 04:33 pm
Boosting the signal:

Lost dog found this morning in the area of Teele Square. If you are the owner or know who this dog belongs to please contact the Somerville Police: 617-625-1212

Found near Clarendon st/ Broadway
Being held by Somerville animal control
Male approx 50 lbs

Photo on the Somerville PD FB page
29 December 2016 @ 02:29 pm
Thought I'd give a shout out to Nu Cafe, which opened recently on Washington Street in Union Square, since it seems like something that would appeal to this community, but is not really in a location that you'd walk by going to the usual Union Square haunts. The menu is extensive and very vegan/vegetarian friendly. It should be noted that this location doesn't have espresso drinks (which are listed on the website menu and I assume are available in Worcester) but does have alcohol. The space is huge and they have wifi. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just happily eating my Thai Curry Bowl and iced coffee and thinking that other people should be here too.


195 Washington Street, Somerville MA 02143 (pretty close to the Somerville Target store)
The Davis Square Starbucks is giving away "free tall handcrafted espresso beverages" from 1-2 pm this afternoon (Thursday, December 29).
...right in front of my apartment at the dead end of Highland Road.

I had no idea why there were at least three police SUVs parked there w/their blue lights on as I came walking down from Highland Ave., until I saw the two guys in handcuffs and the rather large piles of packages, mostly from Amazon, piled up on the sidewalk in front of my place; after the (apparent) perps were hauled away, I asked the remaining cops if that was what was up, and they confirmed it.  So, if you were expecting a package and it hasn't shown up yet, perhaps a trip to the Somerville PD may be in order?...
20 December 2016 @ 05:37 pm
This last Sunday (December 18) I lost a huge dark purple fleece scarf. The only areas of sidewalk I was on were these:

Dover Street between Orchard and Mass. Ave.
The corner of Mass. Ave. and Dover, right in front of Cafe Barada.
The area between Temple Bar restaurant on Mass. Ave. and the corner of Martin Street and the part of Mass. Ave. between Temple Bar and the Tibetan boutique across the street from it.

It's truly a very long scarf, maybe over seven feet long, and about a foot wide. Dark purple fleece. It was a gift from my mom, who is gone now, so I really miss it.

If anyone might have found this scarf, please PM me on LJ and I will be forever grateful!
Family Dollar on Elm Street has a "LAST 6 DAYS" sign up. The store looks pretty looted inside, but you may still find some useful products at clearance-sale prices.

Once this closes, the nearest Family Dollar will be at 1030 Cambridge Street in Cambridge, corner of Columbia Street and Webster Avenue (near Union and Inman squares). I don't know how long that one will remain a Family Dollar, since it is one of the stores the chain is divesting to become part of the new Dollar Express chain.
18 December 2016 @ 03:22 pm
Saturday December 24, 6:30 pm

Bundle up the kids, grab your menorah and join us for a night of light and fun! Together we will enjoy latkes, dreidls, singing, and a casual music jam. We will be making havdallah and lighting candles together at 6:45 pm. You are invited to bring your musical instruments as well as your chanukiah (menorah) or share in lighting one of ours. Contributions towards a potluck dinner are welcome.

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18 December 2016 @ 10:56 am
I can't believe I'm moving on Thursday! So if you're interested in any of these items, please let me know (via Craigslist email, not on livejournal) asap! Pickup is at the corner of Day & Orchard.

This baker's rack is super useful for Somerville apartments (which we all know can sorely lack shelf and storage space.) It's also really sturdy. 14.25"D x 35.5"W x 62.5"H

This cart has been awesome in my kitchen but I could also see it being really handy in a bathroom. One of the doors has come off, but you don't really need it - and I'll give it to you in case you'd like to put it back on. 14.75"D x 21"W x 32.25"H

This is a great, sturdy stepstool/stepladder. When you need to reach stuff, this is so helpful to have around, and it folds up nicely.
18 December 2016 @ 09:55 am
Hi all,

I'm looking for a good home* for this full-length bookcase. I think it's IKEA, but I can't seem to find it on their site. Anyways, it was given to me for free and I'm selling it for the same price. If you can haul it, it's yours!

Bookcase is 6'3.5" x 2'9.5" x ~1'0.5".
My apartment building is up the hill from the Somerville Ave car wash, near Summer St. Be prepared to haul it up a half-flight of stairs and then down a quarter-flight.

DM me if interested.

*For a bookcase, my only criterion for a "good home" is one in which it won't be chopped up for firewood and used in a ritual to summon a demon to destroy the universe, bring untold pain and suffering, something along those lines.

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17 December 2016 @ 10:01 pm
Anyone know where one can buy printer toner for my home printer on a Sunday? Staples is closed on Sundays.
14 December 2016 @ 03:52 pm
Central Hill (City Hall, the High School) has been being circled by helicopters for the last hour at least. Every time I think they're going away, it seems that more come (or they get closer/louder).

Anyone know what's up?
Gorgeous, bright, furnished studio available for the winter break (12/16/2016 to 1/20/2017, dates flexible). It is the third floor of a beautiful house on a quiet residential street in Somerville. The apartment includes central heating and internet. Washing machines and dryers in the basement.

10 min walk from the Market Basket supermarket, a 20-minute walk to Harvard square, and 15-minute walk to Porter Square.

$1000, all utilities and internet included. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have: chapkovski@gmail.com

Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHskQnWBtC
11 December 2016 @ 09:47 am
The sleeper sofa I posted about on 12/9 is now free to a good home! It's outside at 112 Summer St.
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10 December 2016 @ 03:36 pm
My SO and I finally managed to get tickets to the Illuminations tour-- in past years we either missed the date they went on sale, or just couldn't make the tour date(s). I am a hobby photographer and would love to try out some night shots on the tour, but can't find two pieces of information to help guide me in what lens(es) to bring and whether it'll be possible. Hope you guys can help!

1) Are the trolleys the kind that are basically outdoor seating, where everyone kind of sits facing outward (aka like one of the old SF cable cars)? Or are they the kinds that are really just buses with trolley-like exteriors and everyone is inside behind glass?

2) Do the trolleys tend to stop, or at least realllly slow down, at the houses? Or do they more or less just cruise by at a decent clip?

09 December 2016 @ 05:01 pm
(Crossposted from my own journal by request of ron_newman)
I got this email yesterday from a group called Mothers Out Front, a climate justice advocacy group. Local folks who care should definitely read this and take action, and feel free to spread the word:

We're asking you to make a few quick phone calls to ensure Somerville meets its climate goals for our children’s future. Also, feel free to send this letter to all your friends, and mark your calendar to come to a meeting this Monday, Dec 12 at 5:30 at the Somerville high school. read on...Collapse )
09 December 2016 @ 01:28 pm
I am looking for some gainful employment over the winter, till my bike school opens back up.  I like to take care of kids.  I play guitar and know quite a few songs kids like.  I have a masters in education, CPR and first aid.  I also take care of old people or anyone who needs extra help.
I have helped people organize their houses.
I can do editing or transcribing.
If you don't mind the cold, I'll teach you how to ride even over the winter.
09 December 2016 @ 12:53 pm
I've got a sleeper sofa for sale, located between Davis/Union Squares. It is a queen sized sleeper. I bought it from Bob's Furniture a few years ago, the maker is Rockport. The color is called "celery" but it really looks brown/tan. Material is microfiber and it has the "goofproof" treatment. The material is in great condition, as is the mattress. The seat cushions are a little soft after a few years of sitting, but are in good shape. Couch is 77" long, 35" deep. Would need it to be picked up 12/9 or 12/10. $125 cash on pick up.
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There's two events of interest to the Davis Square community happening this week at Pandemonium Books and Games in Central Square, Cambridge.  See http://www.pandemoniumbooks.com/ for more info on both events.

1. This Sunday, Dec 11 is the 7th annual Geek Faire.  10-11 vendors will be at the store selling their geeky wares.  Each vendor purchase will give you a 5% stacking discount to buying games from Pandemonium itself, up to a max of 20% discount.

2. See the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, with all your geeky friends!   Pandemonium has rented out one entire showing of this new movie on the EVENING BEFORE OPENING DATE, 7 pm Thursday Dec 15 at the Apple Cinema.  This is located at the Fresh Pond mall near Alewife.    Buy your seat at the Pandemonium web site for a mere $10 each.  You'll need to get to the theater by 6:45 pm to check in.
07 December 2016 @ 09:59 pm
From The Boston Globe:

New Green Line stations are delayed until 2021

The delay for the seven new stations for the Green Line extension into Somerville and Medford pushes the project back yet again.

06 December 2016 @ 09:08 pm
Healthy Tomorrow has some Christmas trees left over after a benefit sale last week-end. They are being distributed self-serve at Unity Somerville, 6 William St, where they're leaning against the church. Take a tree, put some money, your choice how much, in the envelope on my back porch next door at 14 William St, borrow the saw to cut the bottom off, take a brochure or business card to see what the money is for (StopExcision.net) and help us create a better world. Happy holidays. Call 617-776-6524 with questions or comments.
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02 December 2016 @ 03:32 pm
I'm selling this super strong, heavy duty baker's rack. Sadly, I won't have room for it in my new apartment. It's in fantastic condition and it's on wheels. It can hold almost anything - is it just what you've been needing? I'm in Davis, at the corner of Day St. & Orchard St.
We're having a special election for Ward 6 School Committee next Tuesday, because Paul Bockelman resigned in order to become Town Manager in Amherst. You have to really drill down on the city's website to even know this is happening. I've seen one or two official paper signs around town announcing it.

There's only one candidate on the ballot, Paula O'Sullivan. I know nothing about her, as I've never encountered her or her campaign in any way. Any further information would be appreciated.
30 November 2016 @ 08:39 am
Eater.com reports: Pokéworks opens its doors to the raw fish salad-loving public on Thursday at 5 p.m. in Somerville, with a menu full of customizable bowls and burritos made with sushi fixings.

Pokéworks is located at 261 Elm Street. It will be the fifth location of a growing national chain.
30 November 2016 @ 12:43 am
The Family Dollar on Elm Street has signs up advertising 10-40% off storewide excluding "food, paper, home cleaning, tobacco, and alcohol* products". The store also will no longer accept Family Dollar coupons, though it will continue to accept manufacturers' coupons.

If this is like other liquidation sales, I expect the discounts to increase as the stock dwindles.

A sign inside directs customers to visit the Family Dollar at 469 Salem Street in Medford after this store closes.

* This Family Dollar doesn't actually sell any alcoholic beverages. Maybe some other location does?
Mayor Joe Curtatone and the Somerville Democratic City Committee are meeting tonight (Wednesday, November 30) from 7:30-9 pm at Somerville High School Auditorium "to discuss Somerville's status as a Sanctuary City in light of the recent presidential elections."

RSVP here

The Mayor and Welcome Project director Ben Echevarria issued this joint statement last week: Somerville Will Stand With You