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Community Kitchen startup meeting One Week From Today, @ Blue Shirt Cafe

the response that I had to the Community Kitchen start up was great (original post); originally I'd thought it was going to be meeting with 2 or 3 people at Diesel, or maybe 6-8 over at the wainwright community room. But The rough estimate right now is about a dozen people who'd like to get involved.

Since Blue Shirt Cafe is mostly a lunch place, they're pretty open in the evening, with good, movable tables and an atmosphere we can talk and listen in. I spoke with the manager earlier today and he said there will be no problem hosting it, he'll add more staff if I have more than 12 people coming in.

The gathering will start at 7 with eating and socializing and then we'll get to business around 7:20 once everyone has settled with their smoothies or wraps (if you can afford it, please plan on buying something to help support the business).

For those of you with Brown School Cards, Blue Shirt Cafe offers 10% off all purchases.

Please RSVP here or to me at kitchen at (but not both without noting it, so I don't double count). If you have any questions, let me know.

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