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Do you maintain an LJ community? If so, please read this

LiveJournal recently added a new "Spam Protection" feature to every community and turned it on by default without telling community maintainers. The new feature automatically screens and hides comments that contain links to any website not on a secret whitelist, without any e-mail notification to either the original poster or to community maintainers.

This caused considerable confusion in davis_square last week, which you can read about here. surrealestate and I turned it off for davis_square once we figured out what was going on.

If you are a maintainer of another LJ community, please turn this feature off in your community as well.
------- more details -------

Sometime earlier this month, LiveJournal introduced a "Spam Protection" feature which screens comments made to any community or personal journal. LJ turned this on by default for all communities without any notice to community maintainers. LJ belatedly and incompletely described the new feature in this news announcement, several days or weeks after releasing it.

In an LJ community, this feature has the following effect:

- Comments that contain links (to domains not on a secret whitelist) are automatically hidden and moved to a "Suspicious Comments" page
- The user who made the original post cannot see these hidden comments and receives no notification that they exist
- Community maintainers also receive no notification that the hidden comments exist
- Community maintainers CAN look at the hidden comments, and then mark them as non-spam, but only if the maintainers know to look for them periodically in each and every new post to the community

If you maintain a community, and this doesn't sound good to you, turn the feature OFF by going to, selecting your community from the "Work as user:" menu, and then UNCHECK the checkbox labelled "Spam Protection Comments containing a link to a non-whitelisted domain will be marked as spam and moved to a special section."

Also, look through the last two weeks of posts in your community to see if any of their comment pages have a "(Read N suspicious comments)" link on them. If they do, review the comments and mark them as Not Spam.

The members of your community will appreciate this.
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