stephanie m. clarkson (thespian) wrote in davis_square,
stephanie m. clarkson

so, question about the late lamented Zing! Pizza.

now that it has been gone for half a year, and is probably not ever coming back, which makes me a very sad panda...

are there any former employees who might like to, you know... slip me the recipe for the butternut squash sauce that was used on the Blue October?

My own attempts have been edible, but they feel like they are missing something.

I promise to only use the recipe for good.

(people who have successfully reproduced the flavour feel free to chime in. I have mostly worked with plain roasted squash with a little salt, but when I asked at Zing! once they told me it had something else in it, and it also seemed to get thinned out slightly so it was more akin to tomato sauce than squash puree)
Tags: closed businesses, local food, restaurants
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