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Q&A and planning session about the MBTA's financial crisis--this Wednesday!

Join Occupy Somerville this Wednesday, from 7 - 9 pm at SEIU 888, for a discussion involving the MBTA's financial situation!

Jeremy Thompson, who is a researcher for MassUniting and SEIU United Healthcare Workers, will be giving a presentation on the research he has done on the role of the banks with the T's debt. Afterwards we'll have time for Q&A, group discussion, and action planning.

The MBTA is facing a very complicated financial situation, so our goal for the evening is to help people better understand what's going on, as well as think of and begin planning actions we can take to bring about a healthy and functional public transportation system. It's important not just to address the fare hikes and service cuts proposed for the upcoming fiscal year, but to address the ongoing problem caused by the T's debt.

The SEIU 888 building is located at 52 Roland St, Charlestown. I know, technically it's not in Somerville, but it is within a 5 minute walk of Sullivan Square. (It's right around the corner from Tavern at the End of the World, at the intersection of Cambridge St. & Carter St. Signs for SEUI 888, and the building itself, are visible from Cambridge St.)
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