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Q's Nuts coming to Davis

The other day while walking by the former inconvenience store at the corner of Highland & Willow, it seemed a new tenant was finally working on the place, so I stopped to chat.

Turned out he was Q of Q's Nuts and they will be opening their first retail store right here! He said the plan is to sell their nuts and also ice cream (Christina's) and such. Q's is very vegan-friendly, though as far as I know, Christina's (unlike JP Licks, woo!) doesn't make any vegan flavors. We talked a little about that and he said he was interested in various experiments. He seemed excited about the prospects that having their own store would bring. The build-out will take a while and he said something about opening by August.

If you haven't tried them (say, at the Winter Market, where you can taste them all before you buy), I recommend them highly. Quite delicious, and enough of a treat that even a small bag can last a long time. I'm happy they will be here but also a little scared. :)
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