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november sprout spaghetti dinner!

Hi everyone! This month's theme at sprout's spaghetti dinner series is Glass and it's this coming Monday--after Thanksgiving...

Solid or liquid? Transparent, translucent, tinted, or stained? Windows and walls. Doors and decorations. Used in architecture, art, manufacturing, and science. It's studied and machined, blown and scored. At this month's sprout spaghetti dinner, we'll explore: Glass. Join us, Monday November 26 at 339R Summer St. for 7:30PM dinner and 8PM performances.

Our performances this month will include:
+ Alec Resnick giving a demonstration of Prince Rupert's Drops: a natural phenomena involving molten glass, hammers, vacuums, and explosions
+ Wayne Strattman talking about his work with light, electricity, sculpture, and glass
+ a look at glasses, iPhones, and glass manufacturing
+ and, an exciting departure from the night's theme, our friends from the theater company Deep in the Belly performing The Endless Distances of Desire: a shadowplay in two parts.

Help out on Monday?
We could also use your help setting up and preparing for the event if you'd like to lend a hand. We could use 2-3 people to help set up at sprout starting around 6PM as well as 1-3 people to cook spaghetti starting around 5:30PM at my house. If you're interested in doing either of these things, let us know!

-shaunalynn & john bell
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