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Kennedy School Discount Cards - now at Stellabella!

Good news! Stellabella Toys is now selling the Kennedy School cards ($10) at their Davis Square location (196 Elm St. in old Knucklebones/Caining Shop space) so you can stop in there any time during their open hours. They are open 10-6 every day except Sunday which is 10-5. Or you can call them 617-864-6290. Any questions, inbox me at karen (at) mkmiller (dot)org. Thanks for supporting a local school!

For those who didn't see the original post, this is a discount card similar to what the Brown School does but with (mostly) different discounts. Complete listing of discounts below the cut.
Oh, and it's good for a year (now until the end of Nov. 2013) and the actual card has the correct number of days in November. :)

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