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Emergency shelters for bitter cold?

Once upon a time, about a decade ago, I was on someone's list and I'd like to get back on it. I was "someone who can help" when some organization (can't remember which one) pulled together emergency shelters for really awful bitter cold nights like last night. Mostly I provided large quantities of hot, filling, caloric food. The shelter was in a church basement somewhere and it was run by some organization associated with a college of some sort.... Yes, I'm entirely aware of the extraordinarily useless vagueness of that sentence. That said, can someone point me int he right direction?

Clearly, the brutal cold streak is ending but I thought that I'd see if I could help out next time. I don't have the time or energy for regular volunteering, but I'm happy to make soup for a pop-up shelter during the next cold snap. My google-fu fails me, mostly due to extreme vagueness.
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