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Helicopter hovering 19 Ossipee spotlighting near Powderhouse

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Helicopter was circling since at least 10:19.

The scanner is active, I may have heard something about a firearm.

10:24: Just heard police sirens

10:27: Helicopter is spotlighting towards DS.

10:30: Scanner: something something firearm something 55 Walker

10:34: "You want to go up to Mason St and check out that vehicle?" (shit, that's just down the road)

10:38: Sirens up briefly, helicoptor scanning from Broadway/Mason intersection to north/NE -- chase?

10:48: scanner: K9 units to Burnham to get a scent off a discarded jacket

10:53: Helicopter was definitely spotlighting the crest of Mason -- police sedan there as well

10:57: Heli scanning Broadway, circle CW north back to overhead, scanning Mason -> Powderhouse area

11:01: Spotlighting houses between Electric (?) and Ossipee

11:19: Helicopter not audible from my part of Ossipee
Tags: crime, whatwasthat?
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