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James Fox

Newsletter and events link for Friends of the Somerville Public Library

The winter 2013 library newsletter is available via the SPL site or with video links added here. The upcoming events feature poetry, puppetry, yoga, author readings, 4-Part Memoir Writing Workshop with Judah Leblang, multiple Sing Alongs with Steve Mayone and Jordan Voelker (not together...) and more.

There is also screening a documentary on Feb 9th (2pm...) of archival logging/river driving footage - called In The Blood. Followed by a bean supper. You know the drill... There will be a raffle to defray all costs; thank you to supporters Ursa Major, Timberland, Wilderness Workshop, and Ball & Buck. Also thanks to Union Square's City Chicks for agreeing to bake the apple cake dessert (based on a historic recipe - more on that later). Event info and trailer of the movie here.
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