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Ron Newman

Outdoor snow parties in Davis and Union Squares this Saturday afternoon

Banditos Misteriosos invite folks to a Snowmandito Party in Seven Hills Park this Saturday, starting at noon:
The idea is simple. This Saturday, we hope that our fair city will be blanketed with snow. You, the illustrious denizens of this metropolis, will gather at noon--or whenever you can get there!--in Seven Hills Park (by Davis Square). Bring rocks, carrots, old scarves, cigars, corncob pipes, food coloring, fairy princess crowns, horse masks, and other accoutrements of your choosing to fulfill our destiny: building a snowman army.

Spread the word! We want to see small snowmen, big snowmen, snowdogs, snowcats, snowladybugs, entire families of snowmen, and non-gender specific snowpeople. Show us what you got, and bring your friends and family. We can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Meanwhile, Artisan's Asylum wants us to come to Union Square for a Snow Day from 1 to 3 pm Saturday:
Grab your buckets, shovels and gloves and join Artisan's Asylum as we set up some speakers, put out some hot chocolate, and build snow forts, snowmen, and whatever other snow sculpture you want in Union Square!

We've done this once before to great affect - two years ago, we had around 200 people join us, and we made Calvin & Hobbes sculptures, igloos, snow-decahedrons, snow dragons, armies of tiny snowmen, and more. You can read more about our previous escapades here:
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