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GWS Gala and Silent Auction on Friday, April 5

Join us this special once-a-year night at Arts at the Armory when we clean off the dirt, get dressed up, and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of the past year, while raising money for the big year ahead and toasting to our amazing volunteers and interns who have put so much effort in over the past 12 months. They’ve planted seeds, boiled syrup and built beds, and are ready to do it again this year! We’ll be celebrating all night with live music by Hornography, prizes, and beer samples.

Tickets now on sale!

Calling All Artists! We’re seeking pieces for the silent art auction part of the Groundwork Gala!

It’s a great way to give back and get your artworks seen! Photographs, fine art, clothing and accessories are just a sample of previous work that have been sold. Artists can choose to donate 50 to 100% of the proceeds (most choose 50/50).  Unsold pieces will be returned to the artists.  Please fill out a short form http://TinyURL.com/cpd2b44  to submit artwork.

Please pass it on to friends and neighbors who might be interested. Thanks in advance!

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