Ron Newman (ron_newman) wrote in davis_square,
Ron Newman

PDF scans of lawsuit against Deb Filcman, Ron Newman, and John and Jane Does 1-100

[continuing the discussion that started here: Help! I am being sued for my participation in davis_square ]

I have placed on Dropbox a scan of the Amended Complaint that I was served with yesterday afternoon.

Here's a list of username handles mentioned in the lawsuit: . Most are from LJ, but a few are from the Wicked Local/Somerville Journal blog, and one is from .

Someone also found the original complaint in a court database. (I was never served with this one.)

The amended complaint has hundreds of pages of attached exhibits, which I did NOT scan in. They are copies of posts and comments to davis_square, davis_snark, sf_drama, discussions at, blog posts and comments at Wicked Local Somerville (Somerville Journal), Encyclopedia Dramatica article, etc.
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