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Chris Faraone's Weekly Dig story on Somerville (Part 1) is now online and on the street

It's finally out there, both online and in Weekly Dig boxes all over town:

The Somerville Files, Part 1: Nightmare on Beacon Street, by Chris Faraone. (Alternate title is "Somerville's Shadow: The Fixed Gears").

The story says "This is the first installment in a multi-part DigBoston series about the intersection of politics, development, and power in the City of Somerville." I don't know whether it will continue in regular weekly installments, or intermittently. The series was originally scheduled to run in the Phoenix last March, but that newspaper suddenly went out of business.

I think I'm still on the opposite side of the Beacon Street cycletrack controversy from Faraone, but it can be enlightening to read an outsider's view of the debate.

(Earlier discussion here and here).

Comment away!

ETA 6/26/13: Onward to Part 2.
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