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Items in search of a good home

I find myself moving out of Massachusetts, and there are some things that I'm not taking with me.

#1: Standard Somerville compost bin, containing 4yrs of vegetarian kitchen-related compost. I have been remiss in never pulling the finished compost out, so what's at the bottom should be ready to rock your garden as soon as spring comes 'round. (No meat, cheese, or oil-heavy contents. Some eggshells.) If you only want the contents, I can figure out something else to do with the bin. Claimed!

#2: Tall bookcase, WHD: 2'6"x6'x1', OSB under middling-light veneer. Five shelves, four of which are movable. In decent condition. (Not taking it because I'm upgrading at the destination.) Claimed!

I don't have a car, so you'd need to pick up from Winter Hill. I can help load into/onto whatever transport you have.

More stuff may find its way onto this list as decisions are made during packing. Move date is 1/31.
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