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Someone asked here recently about the rates at the new Boston Sports Club.

Their rates are $54.95/month for a one year contract with a $59.95 sign up fee. After one year, it turns into a month-to-month rate and will go up a max of $3 per month, per year after that. I asked about negotiation (specifically about waiving the startup fee) but since these are "charter rates" they aren't flexible. For comparison: I know the Watertown BSC is around $70/month and the Allston one around $80/month, though you can usually negotiate them down $10 or so. Each have around $150 startup fees, which I was able to get down to $80 but no less.

The gym is scheduled to open Dec. 26. They were still setting up equipment when I went by but it looked largely done. The equipment is nice and modern (with private video screens) but overall the space is small, especially the locker rooms (but they still have private showers and saunas in each). I can see it being packed in January-February. There seems to be much more cardio equipment than weight equipment.

A nice catch now is that if you signup now they wont charge you until Jan. 1. But you can still use your account at other BSCs in the Boston area right now, effectively giving you 6 weeks free.

I'm currently torn. As a Tufts student, I get access to their gym but it's a worse gym than my public high school and I know it's about to be torn down from fall, 2008-2010 for much needed renovations. But $55 is still pricey for this graduate student. Happily, my health insurance will reimburse me for 3 months of that. but still.. $55 is still > 0... ouch!

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