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I had my laptop stolen by a group of kids

I was using my laptop at Cambridge Galleria (their food court is providing us with free wireless Internet) this early evening. Then, one short black boy in a red jacket passed by, quickly lifted my computer and ran away. Some kids followed him, so they seem to be a group. Anyway,
1) I hope none of you guys will have a similar kind of trouble I had today
(the door which the kids went through says "please do not use this door -- that will ring alarms", but obviously the alarm didn't ring.)
2) Could you give me any suggestion about how to handle this type of issues? I talked with a police officer already. Is there anything you would do if you were on my shoes?
3) If you happen to see the laptop which is a Mac 12-inches Powerbook with metal/silver body (2004-2005 model) whose apple symbol on the lid has a googly eyes and some stickers (though all those features might have been taken off already), could you please report it to the police, or post a note here?
I really appreciate your help in advance.
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