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Molly Baskette

christmas can bite.

For those of you feeling not so merry, being dogged by old (or new) grief, or feeling ok but just wanting to acknowlege the shadow side of the season and the weight of the darkness, my church is hosting a mellow service of music, silence and healing prayer at our place on Wednesday. It is co-sponsored by Unity Church of God (our across the street neighbors). We're both Christian churches but people of any faith and no faith are welcome to come--zero proselytizing, and we'll meet you where you are.

~Molly Baskette

Here's the info:

if you are fighting depression, feeling alone, in grief, sad at the world, or just want to sing and pray in company to fight the darkness, please join us at...
The Longest Night: A Service of Healing for the Shadow Side of the Season
Wednesday December 19 7:30 pm
First Church Somerville UCC 89 College Ave. 617.625.6485

All are welcome! All are welcome! All are welcome!
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