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The Sl*tcracker Burlesque! Appearing Live @ The Somerville Theater Dec12th-14th!

Get your tickets now for the hottest show in town!

There are FOUR opportunities to see the show! Yes, you can go to your Christmas party at your office and *still* see a giant ballet-dancing sex toy. If that doesn't say *Happy Holidays" I don't know what else does!
Friday, December 12. 8pm.
Saturday, December 13. 8pm.
Sunday, December 14. 2pm AND 8pm.
The Sl*tcracker is a dance-theatre production comprised of a coalition of Boston-area performance artists including, but not limited to, burlesque and can-can dancers, drag kings, hoopers, ballerinas, acrobats, bellydancers, actors and actresses. Through a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Nutcracker, The Sl*tcracker aims to bring the art of burlesque back to its sexy, bawdy, hilarious roots.

The brainchild of director Vanessa White, a.k.a. “Sugar Dish,” creative director of the award-winning Babes in Boinkland burlesque troupe, and co-choreographed by members of All the Kings Men, Babes in Boinkland, Ballet Lolita, Thick, and CanCan Revolution, The Sl*tcracker is an unprecedented celebration of sexuality that promises to be unlike anything Boston has ever seen.

The Sl*tcracker is an original, over-the-top, “adults only” parody of E.T.A. Hoffman's classic holiday story, The Nutcracker. The story follows Clara, a virginal 20-something whose boyfriend Fritz becomes jealous of a special “toy” she receives for Christmas from an eccentric relative. Guided by a cast of new and intriguing friends, Clara embarks on a fantastic journey into her own sexual awakening that will leave the audience titillated, inspired, and amused.

REMEMBER: FOUR opportunities to see the show!!

On opening night, join the cast after the show for a night of DJs, dancing, and debauchery at the Davis Square Dilboy VFW sponsored by Dewars Whisky!

Tickets are available through the website: http://www.theslutcracker.com or through:
http://www.somervilletheatreonline.com (Remember to search by date and not event name!)

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