December 28th, 2006

Subletting a parking space?

Hi everyone,

I'm moving to Davis Square next week and I'm really excited. I found a killer place just steps from the Square proper. My apartment will be on a private way and I have a parking space reserved for me that is included in the rent. I don't have a car. Does anyone know if I can legally sublet this space? Is there even a market for this? What do you think is a fair price? It would be nice to have a little extra income since the apartment is kind of expensive and I'm on a grad student's salary.
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parking ticket

I just got a parking ticket for blocking my own driveway while I'm inside the apartment. Technically, it's an illegal parking spot because you can't back out onto the street easily when cars park too close to the driveway. But it's my driveway!! Is it possible to fight that? Anyone have experience with this?
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Vet referrals for pet sitters

Hey everyone:

I am a professional pet sitter who services the Camberville area. I'm looking to get some more clients, and would like to sign on with some vet referral lists. Have you gotten a pet sitter referral from your vet?

(I believe Porter Square Vet has a service like this, and Angell Memorial does not.)

Many thanks!

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So, rumor has it the Bally's Gym in Porter Square has a POOL!?

Is anyone a member? Have you been swimming? Is the pool totally grody? How is the gym as a whole?

I would really join just to swim but I'd love some opinions.

Also, what's the membership rate?

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Hi there - Can anyone recommend a dentist in the area? I am a relatively new resident, and have been trekking back to Brighton every 6 months to my old dentist. I really need someone closer by. Can you help?