October 30th, 2008

early am/late evening vet recs

Hi all--

A while back, I posted looking for vets with late-night hours and people helpfully told me about the Angell and a place open until 8.

This time I'm looking for a good vet that either is open very early in the morning or at least until 6 pm or so. I work 8:30-5 in Quincy and can fudge slightly, but I can't leave work really early or come home midday, unfortunately.

I have an appt. with his regular vet Saturday, but I'm worried now, plus I was thinking anyway of switching to a closer vet since his is in Revere. I did call Angell to make sure his condition wasn't super-urgent, but I'm pretty worried (and apparently far more bothered by it than he is, go figure).

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Tonight at TT's typewriters and tennis rackets and toys LIVE

If you're looking for something unusual to do tonight, ORGY OF NOISE and THE BOSTON TYPEWRITER ORCHESTRA are performing early sets at TT the Bears in Central Sqr. at 9PM sharp.

ORGY OF NOISE for this show is a 4 piece using Cello, amplified Tennis Racket, Circuit Bent Toys, Scrap Metal and voice.

THE BOSTON TYPEWRITER ORCHESTRA is 5 to 6 people on typewriters who sound like industrial dance music or tribal percussion.

They're followed by The Secret Sea and Crushes.

Babysitting Available

Hi All,

I'm a 34 year old female educator looking to make some extra income babysitting. I live in the Davis Square area and have a car and references, so any reasonable driving distance would work. I am looking for occasional evening and weekend babysitting work.

Let me know if you are interested or if you know of anyone who needs a babysitter.

Thank you!

arts at the armory

While renovations continue at the armory bldg at 191 Highland for a community arts center, a small movement studio has quietly opened inside. I've been there several times and like the space, the teachers, & the convenience - close enough to Davis/Porter to walk/bike. They're having trouble with their web site but this link should work for more info:


It's called Moving Celebrations, offers yoga, nia, and something called core hooping (wha? could explain all those hula hoops in the corner).

artsy women groups/events?

I want to meet like-minded women and see some great visual art, plays, etc. Anybody know of any upcoming artsy events/performances/groups/etc. that feature women's art/performances? I like all genres of visual and performing arts. I know awesome women don't only go to women-only stuff, but it's a start.

And, for the record, by women's art, I don't mean quilting bees (unless there's lots of booze) or va-jay-jay portrait parties, just interesting art made by women.

$8 Horror Triple Feature @ Somerville Theatre tomorrow.

Just an FYI for those Davis Square denizens seeking Halloween-type entertainment that the Somerville Theatre will be presenting three horror classics on the big screen tomorrow night.  It kicks off with an original print of "The Shining" at 8pm, followed by "It's Alive!" and the original "Halloween".  Admission is $8.00 for the whole show.  Vintage horror trailers and a special short subject will also be presented.  Many local businesses like Redbones, Out of The Blue, Johnny D's, Mr. Crepe, and Hollywood Express among others have donated products and/or gift certificates that will be raffled or given away at the intermissions.