January 14th, 2009


PSA: BofA touchscreen ATMs

This morning I went in to an ATM vestibule and heard the alert beep from the neighboring machine; someone had walked away leaving the "do you want to perform another transaction?" buttons flashing.

The message appears AFTER the machine returns your card, after a deposit or some other non-withdrawal transaction.

It's the sixth time I've been next in line or just walked up to an abandoned machine flashing that message, giving me and everyone else the chance to steal $300, change the customer's PIN, and rinse, repeat every day until the customer figured out what was going on.

I've already called BofA customer service to ask them to change the interface.

EDIT: I stand corrected; evidently the customer is asked to swipe the card, re-enter their PIN, before performing another transaction. Thank you!
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donut house progress

Highland road and morrison ave - Looks like they've got the framing done for the first floor of whatever the former donut shop is being reincarnated as. Does anyone know about the company who is developing the property - are they a good company or is this going to be another "davis square condos" situation?
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piano up for grabs

Anyone want a free piano, delivered to you?

At the end of the month I am moving from a first-floor apartment to a third-floor apartment that, even if I were able to get the piano TO the third floor, would not fit the piano. (Attic apartment. Slanted ceilings. No dice.) So I'm looking for a new home for it. It's a full-sized upright, rather old, not in the best condition, and badly needs tuning (though tuning it might even be a lost cause, depending on how messed up it is inside, but I don't know that for a fact), but heck it's a free piano and I've enjoyed tickling its ivories.

Here's the kicker: I will pay for professional piano movers to move it to your (first floor) space. The process of getting this piano into my apartment, just up the four porch steps, was so painful and involved (there was logistics of getting a dolly and a truck and enough people together on the same day, a friend threw out his back, and the whole process took hours) that I vowed that I'd always use professional movers to move it after this, even if it's an old crappy piano and even if it's not going with me. So you benefit from this deal, unlike most Craigslist ads which offer free pianos if YOU deal with the delivery.

Also, suggestions of churches/schools/other places that might like a free and freely-delivered piano are welcome. If LJ doesn't pan out, I'm going to have to resort to Craigslist and cold-calling non-profits.
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A message from Somerville Climate Action

Hi kids:

I got this message from a member of the Somerville Climate Action group. As it has to do with trash/recycling regulations, I thought y'all might like to know.

- Ananas

I just had a meeting with Vithal Despande from the DPW. With the economic downturn, the recycling industry is taking a hit like everyone else. The demand for recyclable materials at home and abroad has gone down significantly and recycle collection businesses are sitting on piles of material waiting for someone to buy.

Because of this, Casella Waste Systems is going to be enforcing the rules as to what can be accepted from our city pick-ups.

The biggest unacceptable thing that people put in is plastic bags. Plastic bags can not be used to contain recyclables, they can't be left on the outside of paper bags and they can't be put in on their own. Another thing is styrofoam. Even if it has a number on it- no styrofoam. Also, no pizza boxes. Paper and cardboard must be separate from co-mingled by tying up or placing in a paper bag.

Russell, the company that hauls the pick up will begin issuing rejections for people who don't follow the rules.

Percussionist needed for The Winter's Tale!

Hi, all,

I'm directing a production of The Winter's Tale at Theatre @ First, here in lovely Somerville. This production will feature original music by Michael Veloso, scored for electric guitar, violin and percussion.

I have yet to find the percussionist. What I'd really love is someone who is a hand-drummer, who also knows his or her way around various more classical percussion instruments, and is willing to experiment in making sound effects with instruments.

Performances are April 23 through May 2; payment is in love. let me know if you know anyone, or are that someone!
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Non-resident contesting a $100 snow emergency ticket due to financial hardship?

Hey all,

I live in Hyde Park and was visiting a sick friend last Saturday evening in Somerville. I came back to my car to discover a $100 snow emergency ticket.

I am aware of the policy of towing and ticketing cars, but I really didn't know there was a snow emergency declared that night (as I don't live in Somerville, and why would I sign up for alerts for a town I was in for 2 hours, visiting a pal?).

I've been absolutely devastated and anxiety-ridden at the thought of spending $100 on this ticket. Like many people, I am under severe financial hardship.

Anyway, my question is, does anyone think I'd have a shot at contesting this ticket? I'm really not trying to whine about the city policies, but 1. I honestly had no idea there was a snow emergency declared 2. I'm from out of town (MI license plates) 3. It will be EXTREMELY difficult for me to cough up $100 to pay this fine.
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I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I am apparently not very adept at searching the archives.

I am 20 weeks pregnant, and my doctor recommended today that I start thinking about a pediatrician. It seems early to me, but I guess it's never too early to research. So, does anyone have a local doctor that they love? I am pretty crunchy as mamas go, and really want someone who will respect the following: delayed vaccing, exclusive breastfeeding, co-sleeping (in a bassinet or co-sleeper, not directly in the bed). I'm not big into medicine, either, (although I do respect its necessity with big illnesses) so someone who at least entertains alternative remedies and doesn't just immediately grab the prescription pen would be great.