May 12th, 2013

Jonmon showing up at people's houses?

So I got my letter in the mail today and just a few minutes ago JonMon showed up on our doorstop, ringing the bell. When my housemate opened the door, he ran off, jumped in his car and drove off at a high rate of speed with his lights off.

He also made a really critical error in his letter to me which I won't divulge here so as to give him any more help than necessary.

BTW: Monsarrat, I know you're reading this and just let me say I ain't intimidated, since I know that's what you're trying to do. I'll be reporting this to the cops, and if you do it again, expect a restraining order to be filed. I know just how to get one and have had perfect success getting them in the past.
ETA: also, if you deny that you're a creepy stalker (which, in my opinion, you are), showing up at people's houses in the middle of the night and harassing them is not a very good way to prove that you aren't.

Mod note: use of 'pest control' tag

I'm highly amused by everyone's recent use of this tag, but it will eventually get in the way of the tag's original purpose. So, by the end of today, I'm going to exercise my community-maintainer prerogative and remove this tag from all posts that were made during the past two weeks.

(Because of a quirk in the options that LJ gives community maintainers for managing tags, you will not be able to remove the tag yourself, even if you originally put it there.)

Someone else has created a more generally appropriate, though less humorous, tag for these posts. Please use it in the future. Thanks.

-- Ron, who will now take off my 'mod' hat

Share a Laugh at Somerville Theater 5/16

We all need a few more laughs these days, and comedians Wendy Liebman, Jimmy Tingle, John Fugelsang and others are sure to deliver an evening of fun at the "Share a Laugh" benefit for Community Works at the Somerville Theater on Thursday, May 16 at 7:30.
A portion of proceeds will benefit Somerville's The Welcome Project one of 32 local social justice organizations in the Community Works collaborative.
Simply select "The Welcome Project" under program designation on the ticket purchase page. Purchase your tickets online here.

-Warren Goldstein-Gelb
Community Works Board co-chair and Welcome Project executive director.