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Tufts Film Series Returns for the Fall

Tufts Film Series is back in action starting this weekend. Here's a link to their schedule for the year:

Some of the films scheduled include:

Captain America
Harry Potter 7, Part 2
Kill Bill 1 & 2
Super 8
127 Hours

All films are free and, yes, the films are open to anyone who wants to go -- as long as Tufts students get first shot at seats (haven't seen a space problem in the 8+ years I've been attending). And, of course, we must behave ourselves.

Films are held in Barnum 008 on the Academic Quad.

TFS will generally show 2 films 3 times each during a weekend on a rotating schedule.
The general pattern is:

* Film 1: Friday 7 pm, Saturday 9:30 pm & midnight
* Film 2: Friday 9:30 pm, Saturday 7 pm, Sunday 8 pm

To find out the exact schedule, there are several options:

Tufts Film Series blog: (recommended source)

TuftsLife, the Tufts student online activities calendar:

They also have a Twitter feed @tuftsfilmseries, a Facebook page at and a Google calendar.

I have the updated Boston Free Films calendar here: and I try to keep it updated as I see changes. I'm on their internal mailing list, so I usually have good info. Despite all the communication sources, it's hard to get last minute updates from this group and there is a chance the film is different than advertised.

Warnings about the series for the uninitiated:
* Students are showing these films, mostly on traditional projectors, meaning they make mistakes, have technical difficulties (sound, projection, alignment, lighting) or occasionally not show up. Sometimes, they can't show the film because of these issues (someone put the film on the reel backwards for example or they can't find the key to the booth).
* Last minute schedule changes are possible.
* Classic movies will probably be shown from DVDs.
* Expect a few students to turn on a phone to check their email during the movie. (I find it's a universal problem now and free movies are treated with a higher level of disrespect).

And to find Barnum 008:

Here's a link to the interactive Tufts map:

The front doors of the building are locked on weekends, so go to the back entrance. There are doors on both sides, so check both if one is locked. Once you come into the back, you'll see signs for 008, including a white board with show times.
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