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Fungi, a sprout spaghetti dinner

Fungi. Even the name sounds a little gross. "Fungi..." It's damp and squishy. It feeds on detritus--the dead and decaying stuff in nature. It is sometimes poisonous and sometimes edible, with species that are microscopic in size and others that weigh many tons. The largest organism in the history of our planet was a fungus. And the stories of their growth are amazing. Tonight, we are going to look at fungi as food source, ecological partner, psychadelic, and complex system with the help of [[read the lj-cut for details!]]...

+ Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, a member of the design firm Nervous System, who will talk about the design process behind their line of hyphae lamps--a series named after the mass of tube-like structures (called hyphae) that develop underground and from which mushrooms grow

+ Jessica Rosenkrantz, the other member of Nervous System as well as a brilliant photographer of textures and patterns in nature, will share a collection of her photographs exploring fungi and lichen (the union of a fungus and alga into a single organism)

+ a performance of John Cage's piece _Indeterminacy_, which is based on a collection of essays by Cage who was both an innovative composer and an avid mycologist

+ as well as personal monologues about mushroom foraging in the city, a discussion of fungi by a local mycologist, a reading about psilocybin (also known as magic mushrooms) by Alan Watts, and more...

This month's dinner is this Wednesday November 16. As usual, we'll meet at 730PM for dinner with performances starting at 8PM, all at sprout's studios at 339R Summer St. in Somerville just outside Davis Square. There will be spaghetti, drinks, and bread for all. We encourage you to bring your own plates and utensils, though we will have paper options and there is a $10 suggested donation, though all are welcome!
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