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Tips for voting

Tuesday is Election day, so I figured I post a couple tips to help you avoid common problems.

1. Know where you vote
The easiest way is to check the state's website, where you can also see a sample ballot:

Of particular interest to this community: If you used to vote at the Dilboy VFW, you now vote at the Kennedy School, near Porter. Enter on Sartwell Ave:

If you moved and forgot to re-register, you may still vote at your old address provided you either moved within the last 6 months (since May) or still live in the same city or town.

2. Leave enough time to vote
Polls are open from 7am to 8pm, but there may be long lines, especially in the morning and evening. If you are in line by 8pm you will be allowed to vote, but only if you are at the right polling place.

You may bring your child with you to the polls, but not your dog, unless it's a service animal.

If you need help completing your ballot, you may bring anyone of your choosing to assist you, (unless they are a candidate for office), or ask for help from the poll workers.

3. If you haven't voted recently or just registered, bring ID
Most Massachusetts voters are not required to show ID, except in two situations: If you are newly registered to vote and the State couldn't verify the information you provided on your registration, or you failed to return your annual city census and are therefore listed as inactive. The ID can be anything pre-printed with your name and your voting address, including a piece of mail. It need not have a photo.

Inactive voters must complete an affirmation that they either still reside in the city or moved out within the last 6 months. ID is not strictly required in this case, but if you do not have any the warden must challenge your ballot. (Challenged ballots are still counted on election night, but could be disputed in a recount.)

New voters flagged for ID must either present ID when they vote or return before polls close with ID or their ballots will not be counted.
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