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Pandemonium's 3rd Annual GeekFaire

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be having its 3rd Annual GeekFaire on Sunday, Dec. 16th, from noon-6pm at Pandemonium Books & Games at 4 Pleasant St. Cambridge, MA.  Not only will the downstairs area be given over to vendors of all manner of geeky crafts (Steampunk jewelry, fannish knitware, nerdy buttons, etc.), but for each vendor you buy something from, you will receive a stacking 5% discount on nearly all Pandemonium merchandise (20% max discount)!  So if you buy from three different GeekFaire vendors, you will get a 15% discount on nearly all Pandemonium stuff! 

Now, the reason why I am posting this on the Davis Square LJ is because:
  1. I really am shameless. and
  2. There is still some room for any geeky crafters or artists who might be interested in selling their stuff this holiday season.  Unless Davis Square has changed immensely since I last dwelt there, there should be many artists around who might be interested getting a table for this year.  If you are, please email me at general (at) pandemoniumbooks (dot) com.   
Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

Tyler Stewart

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