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Snow Sculpture Pics!

Hey fellow Davis Squarians! I've had several people ask for photos of the Seven Hills Park sculptures because they can't make it out here on their own. I figured I'd put up some of my best shots, and solicit other people to share their own. I hope this is appropriate!

(I do not know any artists, as I missed both actual sculpting events. Please say hi if one of these awesome things was yours!)

Davis Square

Someone gave this fellow a quite dashing beard. It's since fallen off, alas.

Snow dalek!

Harry Potter Snowman
Has anyone else noticed that Davis Square is full of geeks?

Snow turtle and cat
I took so many pictures of this gorgeous turtle and cat sculpture. I think this was the best of mine.

Dog and tourist
This poor tourist was attacked by an enthusiastic pup-beast!

Snow Octopus 1
THIS IS AMAZING AND GORGEOUS! (I like octopodes a lot)

Snow dragon
Exquisite dragon! Look at those scales

Snow Dinosaur
Tiny T-Rex!

Snow Commode
There was, inexplicably, a stalk of broccoli in the bowl.

...dun dun...duuunnn dunnn!</cut>

There are lots more photos in my flickr. If I didn't post a picture of your awesome sculpture, it's probably because I didn't think I got a good enough shot. Hopefully someone else did!

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