Flaming July (flamingjuly) wrote in davis_square,
Flaming July

Subletting Question

Hey, so this isn't Davis Square specific, per se, aside from the fact that I live here. But I know a few of you are landlords in the area, and might know of some Somerville-specific laws, so I figured I'd ask:

What are a landlord's biggest concerns about subletting?

Every lease I've signed has had a point about no subletting. I get why landlords would not be a fan of having someone not on the lease living somewhere, but I feel like some people are able to make subletting work even if it's not allowed in their lease. My roommate wants to sublet her room, and I'm going to ask the landlord about it because it's worth a shot. I'd really like to address all his possible fears upfront. The person subletting would be taking over the lease once it's up for renewal, so I'm hoping that helps my case.

Thanks for any help!
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