Ron Newman (ron_newman) wrote in davis_square,
Ron Newman

Help! I am being sued for my participation in davis_square

Twenty-five minutes ago, a constable delivered to me an unexpected package. It is a lawsuit by Jonathan Graves Monsarrat, alleging that he was libeled by me, Deb Filcman, and "John and Jane Does 1-100, presently unknown individuals". He is seeking $500,000 in compensatory damages, $5 million in punitive damages, and deletion of various LJ posts and comments.

I am called (incorrectly) "the moderator" of this forum.

Many participants here are named by LJ handle. "Plaintiff intends to identify the Doe Defendants through means of discovery and will amend this lawsuit to identify the Doe Defendants by proper legal names upon obtaining such information"

If I don't reply within 20 days, a default judgment will be entered against me.

All possible advice and help would be greatly appreciated right now.

In particular, if anyone here is or knows an appropriate attorney who'd be willing to help out at least a bit pro bono, let me know.

ETA 5/1/13: please see this followup post for PDF scans of the amended complaint I was served with, as well as the original complaint that I never received. Please continue the discussion there after reading the complaints.
Tags: community announcements, community issues, jonmon, legal, lj community housekeeping

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