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New post added to JonMon lawsuit

Fascinating. I never commented on the original post this lawsuit seems to be about, but yesterday I received one of those letters to notify me that I'm one a "Doe Defendant" that will be added to the lawsuit. This letter tells me I'm being added because of my posts at both the original post (where I actually did not comment at all) and also this recent post - the one where ron_newman first told us that he's being sued. So... it looks like JonMon is watching the new posts and adding people to the lawsuit as they comment? In any case, the URL of that newer post is in the letter.

As in the other letters, he informs me that he holds copyright to this letter and implies that because of that, he can "prohibit anyone from publishing or disclosing it in whole or in part". Kinda wacky. Copyright doesn't actually give him the right to prohibit disclosure, and even directly quoting it "in part" for the purpose of commentary or criticism is fair use (which is what I'm doing here).

Return address, BTW, is PO Box 391512, Cambridge MA 02139
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