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PayPal Set up for legal fees

icecreamempress has been kind enough to set up a paypal donation bucket for legal fees. The email is:

(I removed the button because Paypal is fussy about these things- see comments)

There is also a Go Fund Me bucket here:

She has also offered to set up a PO Box at the Post Office, if people think it's a good idea. Thoughts? EDIT: We will be doing that.

Edit to add: I am meeting with Ron later today to hash out some details of how to manage this money, we will keep everyone updated. We thought it would be a good idea to start the fund now.

We haven't incurred legal fees yet, but it's pretty much a guarantee that we will, even with pro bono counsel. If a miracle occurs where we don't, we will be keeping track of who donated how much so we can refund.
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