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Jonmon showing up at people's houses?

So I got my letter in the mail today and just a few minutes ago JonMon showed up on our doorstop, ringing the bell. When my housemate opened the door, he ran off, jumped in his car and drove off at a high rate of speed with his lights off.

He also made a really critical error in his letter to me which I won't divulge here so as to give him any more help than necessary.

BTW: Monsarrat, I know you're reading this and just let me say I ain't intimidated, since I know that's what you're trying to do. I'll be reporting this to the cops, and if you do it again, expect a restraining order to be filed. I know just how to get one and have had perfect success getting them in the past.
ETA: also, if you deny that you're a creepy stalker (which, in my opinion, you are), showing up at people's houses in the middle of the night and harassing them is not a very good way to prove that you aren't.
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