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Update from Ron about the lawsuit

ron_newman writes,
    Here's an update regarding the lawsuit against me. (Normally I would post this to Davis Square LiveJournal, but LJ is so hosed right now that I am not able to post anything to it at all.)

    Jonathan Monsarrat's lawyer, Mark Ishman, has reached an agreement with my lawyer, Dan Booth, to extend the deadline for filing a response to his lawsuit. The deadline will now be June 10 instead of May 20. My lawyer will file this agreement with the court by the original deadline of May 20.

    The delay is intended to buy time to resolve this matter amicably. Meanwhile, my lawyer will continue to prepare his motion to dismiss the case.

    Ishman was unaware that his client was sending out Doe Letters and Doe E-mails, until a lawyer for one or more of the Does contacted him. Ishman said he never authorized his client to send any of these, and he promised to restrain his client from sending any more of them. Ishman also promised my lawyer that JonMon will no longer send out press releases, and will not visit anyone's house (even while at the same time denying that his client had done this already).

[ Ron is having trouble posting to LiveJournal due to the problems they're having today, but I've been able to post today and he said to go ahead and post so let's see if this works. ]
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