Chance (miss_chance) wrote in davis_square,

Davis Square?

I think I'm going to start turning into that cranky old Kids Get Off My Lawn lady, but Davis Square LJ is in the news lately. So lately everyone who is hosting anything is posting it here.

We've got yard sales in Watertown, random fora in Boston that have nothing to do with S'ville, let alone Davis. People who market events have added this to their list, and it's making me sad for the community aspect of the community LJ.

Personally, I'd be happy for moderators to pull down postings like these pretty quickly before we lose any sense of being a Davis Square LJ and not just a place to announce all events. I mean, even if it's at least S'ville related, Magoun, Teele, even Union Sq. are connected in a real direct community way, but lately the random stuff seems to be getting out of hand, and I imagine it's going to escalate quickly as the lawsuit news puts DSLJ in front of people's eyes.

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