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Deb Filcman's lawyer responds to Monsarrat lawsuit

Besides me, the other named defendant in Jonathan Monsarrat's defamation lawsuit is Deb Filcman, a former editor of the Somerville Journal (also known online as Wicked Local Somerville).

I'm pleased to report that the Journal's parent newspaper chain, GateHouse Media, is standing behind Deb. Her lawyer (or at least, one of them) is Zachary C. Kleinsasser of the law firm Greenberg Traurig.

Mr. Kleinsasser just sent this letter to Monsarrat's lawyer Mark Ishman, demanding that Ishman dismiss the lawsuit against Deb by 5 pm on Thursday, May 30. If Ishman does not agree, Kleinsasser intends to seek sanctions against Ishman for filing a "transparently frivolous action".

Kleinsasser's letter also accuses Ishman of negotiating "in bad faith". He says that Ishman originally agreed to dismiss the complaint against Filcman if GateHouse provided evidence that Filcman had been a GateHouse employee during February and March 2010.

After GateHouse produced the requested records, Ishman then allgedly reneged on the agreement, demanding that GateHouse remove Filcman's two blog posts: Will I be arrested? Guess the wheel didn’t answer that one (February 4, 2010) and Not a question best answered by the wheel (March 8, 2010). Ishman is also demanding that GateHouse change the headline of another published article not written by Filcman: Somerville Police bust Question Wheel creator's underage drinking party (February 4, 2010). Kleinsasser says that GateHouse cannot agree to any of these demands.
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