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RIP Tiffany Sedaris, 49, Somerville artist

This obituary was just brought to my attention, from a Raleigh NC newspaper:
Tiffany Joyce Sedaris
Tiffany Joyce Sedaris, 49, passed away peacefully on May 24, 2013, at her home in Somerville, Massachusetts. Tiffany was always full of life and deeply immersed in the arts, including yoga, jazz, gourmet cooking, and mixed-media sculpture. A graduate of the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, she was head pastry chef at the renowned Harvest Restaurant at Harvard Square and the Quebrada Bakery in Arlington, Massachusetts. Tiffany was a talented and accomplished artist, best known for her stained-glass mosaic sculpture, which she exhibited at Somerville'€™s Blue Cloud Gallery and at the annual Somerville Open Studios.

Her studio was open for SOS just a month ago. I wish now that I had visited it.

She had a famous-writer brother who unfortunately wrote about her in less-than-flattering ways, and against her wishes. This Boston Globe article from 2004 discusses some of that: Sister in a glass house.

I don't think I ever met her. Have any of you? Does she have a LiveJournal account here?
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