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Brown School Cards

It's that time of year again!  Brown School Community Discount Cards are now available at Mr. Crepe and Davis Squared, both located in Davis Square.  $10 will get you a year of discounts at local restaurants and shops. (Complete list under LJ-cut below)   We are happy to add several new vendors this year:  Brooklyn Boulders, iYo, Soundbites, The Biscuit and The Book Shop.

All of the money from the card sales goes to the Benjamin G. Brown School PTA.   The Brown School is a public K-6 school located at the corner of Willow & Kidder Ave.  Mr. Crepe and D-Squared are very generous to sell the cards for us.  They do not get any $$ from selling the cards.  Students from the school will also be selling the cards in mid-September.

Thank you for supporting the Brown School!

3 LITTLE FIGS – Free 8 oz. hot coffee or tea with $5 purchase, Tues-Fri only, 278 Highland Ave, Som. 617-623-3447
BLUE CLOUD GALLERY – 10% off all non-sale items, 713 Broadway, Ball Square, Somerville 617-776-2700
BLUE SHIRT CAFE – 10% off, 424 Highland Ave, Davis Square, Somerville 617-629-7641
BOSTON BURGER COMPANY – 10% off, 37 Davis Square, Somerville 617-440-7361
BROOKLYN BOULDERS SOMERVILLE – 50% off Learn the Ropes class, 12A Tyler St,
DAVE’S FRESH PASTA – 10% off, excludes catering, wine, beer, sale items, 81 Holland St, Som. 617-623-0867
DAVIS SQUARED – 10% off Mon-Wed only excluding sale items or promos, 409 Highland Ave, Som. 617-666-6700
DIVA – 15% off food only at dinner (not valid for lunch or buffet), 246 Elm St, Somerville 617-629-4963
EAT AT JUMBO’S – 10% off, eat in or pick up only, 688 Broadway, Ball Square, Somerville 617-666-0000
FLATBREAD COMPANY @ SACCO's BOWL HAVEN – Free rental 2 pair of shoes, 45 Day St, Som. 617-776-0552
HILLSIDE AUTO REPAIR – 5% off parts & labor, $50 maximum, 583 Broadway, Somerville 781-395-9679
iYO CAFE – Free large coffee or tea w/ purchase of lunch sandwich or salad, 234 Elm St, Som. 617-764-5295
JOHNNY D’S – $2.00 off admission; 10% off food, dinner menu only, Tues-Sat, 5-9pm, 17 Holland St, Som. 617-776-2004
MR. CREPE – 10% off, Mon-Fri only, 51 Davis Square, Somerville 617-623-0661
PEMBERTON FARMS – 10% off plants & garden supplies only, 2225 Mass. Ave, Cambridge 617-491-2244
REDBONES– 10% off food only, Mon-Fri only, before 7 pm, 55 Chester St, Somerville 617-628-2200
RUDY’S CAFE – 10% off food only, 248 Holland St, Teele Square, Somerville 617-623-9201
SOMERVILLE THEATRE – One free small popcorn w/ one adult movie ticket, 55 Davis Square, Som. 617-625-5700
SOUND BITES – 10% off food only, Mon-Fri only, 704 Broadway, Somerville 617-623-8338
THE BISCUIT – 10% off, 406 Washington Street, Somerville 617-666-2770
THE BOOK SHOP – 15% off, 694 Broadway, Somerville, 617-764-1624
TRUE GROUNDS – Free med drip coffee or tea w/ purchase of lunch sandwich/wrap, 717 Broadway, 617-591-9559
WHEN PIGS FLY BREAD – 10% off, 378 Highland Ave, Somerville 617-776-0021
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