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Porter Square Planet Fitness becomes "Rock'n Fitness." Drama ensues.

If you're a member of the Planet Fitness in Porter Square, or if you were considering joining, you might want to take a look at this:

The entity that owned the Porter Square/Government Center Planet Fitness franchise has left Planet Fitness and rebranded the two gyms to "Rock'n Fitness." They apparently did not notify customers of this until December 28 and are simply transferring the accounts to their own gym using a payment processor considered unsavory by some (ABC Financial). There is currently no website, social media presence, or any other information available about "Rock'n Fitness" outside of the uhub thread.

If you are a member of one of these two gyms, you will no longer be able to use other Planet Fitness locations as you are no longer a Planet Fitness member.

There are many complaints in the uhub comment thread, and someone who claims to be affiliated with "Rock'n Fitness" has been responding to many of them with insults (apparently they want to be the Amy's Baking Company of gyms).
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