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Musing on other Somerville LJs

Today I was sitting over at Assembly, reading my book "Ten Hills Farms" by CS Manegold, and a woman at the next table struck up conversation about it. She and her family have moved over to Ten Hills in the last year, and they really seemed to not be very connected with Somerville stuff. I talked about the Library's summer read (I'm also reading Dark Tide, but not in paper form). She wanted to know more about how I got that info. And we talked about the Mystic River water chestnut projects, etc.

They really seemed to be craving local info and want to participate. But as far as I know, there's nothing like DSLJ for the other neighborhoods (for the most part). Or are there others, and I just don't know this?

I have 2 questions for this group, semi-related:
1. Do you think new LJs would be helpful for other neighborhoods, and worth the work? and/or
2. Is it possible to have an LJ that has some "all neighborhood" set of posts, and a separate thread of neighborhood ones? That would be nice, so you wouldn't have to post on different communities if you have a broad item, you know? But the Davis folks wouldn't swamp out Assembly chatter, or vice versa.

I wonder, too, if we should post some social media awareness in coffee shops, laundromats, building entrances at these new developments, etc.

Open to other suggestions. I'm really just thinking out loud about ways to bring in new residents and get them feeling like neighbors.
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