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Tufts Football Night Game - Sept. 24th

I was checking out the Tufts football schedule for this season and noticed that the Sept. 24th home game is slated to start at 6 pm. Considering the games usually take 3 hours and need time (and lights) for overtime, that seemed off. Most Tufts games start between noon and 1:30.

I checked today... the field doesn't have any recently installed lights, but this tweet seems to confirm that the game will be a night game:

Tufts Football
We're just 1 month from kickoff under the lights at the Ellis Oval!! #LightsCameraBos #BostonsNESCACTeam #RollBos

I expect a different vibe for the neighborhood with a night game. If successful, it might signal a change in the pattern for the future.
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