Eggplanet Cabaret (prunesnprisms) wrote in davis_square,
Eggplanet Cabaret

Final announcement: Community is moving

As previously noted in the community, the four moderators of your community here (ron_newman, surrealestate, cos, and prunesnprisms) have agreed that the community will be moving to this location at the hosting tool Dreamwidth, beginning May 1.

You may create a free account with Dreamwidth here. You may also choose to continue with OpenID from LiveJournal, but as has been pointed out in the comments below there's no single-login connection from Facebook or Google properties. Many of you will know already that this is a similar blogging site to Livejournal, maintained by former LiveJournal team members, and hosted in the US -- here is some recent information for new members posted by the team here.

While we don't plan to remove any content that's ever been posted here, we'd like to mark a line in the sand at which point we leave the top post on this community as a pointer to where we are now located. ron_newman has backed up the community twice to make sure all our older posts and comments are preserved. However, there is no way to continuously cross-post the community, and none of us will continue to push new posts over to Livejournal after May 1. In addition we will be removing posting access to this community over the next few days as well.

You can read more about the concerns regarding Livejournal as a platform here

Please join us in our new home!
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