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Which of the "Seven Hills" still exist?

According to the city Historic Preservation Commission, there are seven hills in Somerville. (EDIT: There are also seven hills in Worcester, where I attended college, but I digress.)

1. Central Hill
2. Mount Benedict or Plowed Hill
3. Cobble Hill
4. Prospect Hill or Mount Pisgah
5. Spring Hill
6. Winter Hill
7. Walnut Hill, Strawberry Hill or Clarendon Hill

I know Winter Hill is on Broadway, Clarendon Hill is by Johnny Foodmaster, and Prospect Hill is where the tower overlooks Union Square.

I read that Mt. Benedict, home to the former McLean Asylum for the Criminally Insane (before it moved to Belmont), existed in East Somerville by Franklin Street and is now leveled.

I'm guessing Cobble Hill was also leveled, down where the Cobble Hill condos are on Washington Street. But there's also a Cobble Hill Laundromat on the corner of Medford and Central Streets.

I'm guessing Central Hill is where Central Street meets Broadway.

Spring Hill?
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