Ninjahan (knowthyself) wrote in davis_square,

Seeking Hair Salon

Several months ago I was asking in here for salons that people would advise, and ended up going to Salon Luna. Now, while they did an awesome red for my color, the first cut I had there was ...okay, but not anything special. The second time....well, I don't recommend Diana (I think it was Diana). I had a picture, told her what I wanted, and have abut three inches LESS hair than I asked for in something that, while it looks good, is not remotely what I wanted or showed her.

So I'm in the market for another new hair salon. My hair is now far shorter than I want it, so if anyone has recommendations for a place/person that is also good at helping hair grow out gracefully, I'd love to hear about it/them! In general, looking for someplace that's nearby (I do have a car though), not overpriced, does great color (red, specifically), and people who will LISTEN.

Slightly more specfically, Salonika just moved in down the block from me. I can't find many reviews online about them, so does anyone have one they can offer on that place?
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