Agnes of God - This Thursday

Bare Bones: Staged Readings at T@F presents

by John Pielmeier
directed by J. Deschene

Sister Agnes, is charged with strangling her newborn baby, but has no recollection of the conception or birth. Enter Dr. Martha Livingstone, a psychiatrist with her own prejudices against the church, who must determine whether or not Agnes is fit to stand trial. . Standing between them is Mother Miriam Ruth, fiercely protective of Agnes for her own mysterious reasons. These three women embark on a journey through faith, doubt, need and miracles that will leave each of them changed forever.

Thursday, April 6th at 8pm

6 William Street at College Ave

FREE with suggested donation of $5
The performance will be followed by a conversation with the director and cast.

For more info about the show, visit

Join us for the first ever SustainaVille Week! April 22nd – 28th

The folks at the city and other partners are planning a great series of events for the week that includes Earth Day. Have a look at some of these upcoming opportunities to do some local engagement with our neighbors. or see the facebook version:

There are events for everyone. Kids events. Nerd events. Those of you who like to tidy things up--all sorts of stuff. Please check out the schedule at the blog post.

Special note: I attend the CEUCC meetings, and I've been hearing about this really nifty climate simulation exercise for a while. The Apr 27 "World Climate Simulation" is supposed to be fascinating and engaging.

Special Winter Hill note: Our nascent Winter Hill Neighborhood Association will be doing a clean up on the 30th. Let me know if you want to be connected with that.

The Great Fiber Swap (and Food Drive)


Saturday, April 8; 10:00 am -1:00 pm
Sunday, April 9; 12:30 pm-2:30 pm

Nave Gallery, 155 Powder House Blvd, Somerville, MA 02144


Join us in a fiber swap to support the work of the Somerville Homeless Coalition (SHC)!

Yarn. Fabric. Felt. Thread. Maybe you can have too much of a good thing? The Great Fiber Swap is your chance to get rid of your unwanted fiber items and refresh your stash. You can swap items or donate your goods to the event.

Admission to the event is free, but please bring a donation of food, toiletries or personal items to support the Somerville Homeless Coalition’s (SHC).

Needed items:

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Defeated by Jerk Bus

Welp, that was a total bust.

The Jerk Bus beat me.  They kept moving too fast, not staying anywhere for long, and spreading misinformation about when and where they'd be, so I couldn't catch up to them.  It was like chasing Carmen San Diego; by the time I'd arrived at the State House, they'd already moved to Harvard, and I suspected that the moment I got to Harvard, they'd leave again.

So now I've got a bunch of resources and nothing to do with them.  You can download the whole load free here, I guess; I'm gonna take it down in a week, because some of it is pirated and I don't want to bilk my own community.  The whole thing contains:

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The Free Speech Bus

Okay, you guys have probably already heard, but the Free Speech Bus is coming our way. (It's this total horseshit bus covered in slogans about how only XX girls and XY boys exist and anyone who says otherwise is against free speech and also SCIENCE because that's totally how science works.)

The bus got hit hard in NYC, so it's in the repair shop until Wednesday; I'm not sure when it's going to hit Boston and Harvard Square, but I'm planning something to do when it does.

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The Age of Reason Got It Wrong | Understanding Social Conflict Through a Brain Science Lens

Most approaches to solving the most pressing social challenges we face are wrong because they are rooted in the deeply flawed assumption that human behaviors and decisions are purely rational. Brain science and hard-won experience demonstrate just the opposite, revealing the primary role unconscious processes play in shaping our behaviors and decision-making, especially in the aftermath of violence and trauma. To thrive in the 21st century, what is needed is a profound reshaping of our approaches to human conflict and division, one that is rooted in a nuanced, empirical understanding of human behavior.

Timothy Phillips is a pioneer in the field of conflict resolution and reconciliation and co-founder of Beyond Conflict, a global initiative that is internationally recognized for contributions to the field of transitional justice in post-communist Europe.

[more details at the link] free to students

Monday, April 3, 2017
6:00 PM
The Burren back room

Davis Square Community Group to Form 3/29

Please join Ward 6 Alderman Lance Davis ( and community leader Thalia Tringo on Wednesday, March 29th at 6:30 P.M. at the office of Thalia Tringo Real Estate (128 Willow Ave) for a meeting to discuss the formation of a Davis Square Neighborhood Council. The intent is to facilitate the formation of a group comprised of and led by residents, property owners, business owners, and other stakeholders that will meet on a somewhat regular basis to discuss issues relevant to the Davis Square community. This initial meeting will an open conversation regarding the initial format for the group -- how it could be structured, how to expand participation, and anything else that might be relevant.  Please extend this invitation to any and all who might be interested.