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Davis Square

Think Globally, Whine Locally

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The Davis Square Community
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Davis Square in Somerville, MA
The community is for those who live, work, or spend time in and around fabulous Davis Square, Somerville.

As of 6/11/2013, requests to join this community are moderated, in an effort to prevent spambots from joining. This post has more details. If your account doesn't look like a spambot, we'll approve your join request quickly.


  • All posts should have something to do with Davis Square or the immediately surrounding areas.

  • All posts must have comments enabled.

  • Please do not delete comments made by other people. This disrupts the conversation and is widely considered to be anti-social behavior.

  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, sizism, ableism, and similar intolerances have no place here.

  • Please tag your posts, using one or more of the tags in this list. Click on the tags to look for previous posts that may already answer the question you are about to ask. Tagging is still very much a work in progress. To discuss tagging in detail, please do so in davis_meta to avoid boring everyone else ;-)

  • Multiple images, images over 300 pixels in height and/or width, video embeds, and lengthy posts should be behind an <lj-cut> tag.

  • Please limit ads of a commercial nature, especially if they're not specifically about Davis Square. We recommend using <lj-cut> on most ads. If you post multiple ads we may ask you to stop, or take some down and wait.

  • Publicizing events happening in (or within easy walking distance of) Davis Square is encouraged. However, please don't repeat the same post within a week. If you want to post again about the same event, please write something new about it.

  • In the rare case that there is non-worksafe material relevant to the community, it should be posted behind an <lj-cut> tag and marked as non-worksafe. Non-worksafe userpics are not allowed.

  • Formatting: Please post in plain text. The occasional bold or italic tag is fine, but extensively formatted entries won't properly display on many people's friends pages. Please do not post using large or colored fonts.

    If you are copying and pasting text from an external document (for example, from a PDF or a Word document), please ensure that you have selected the "HTML" editor on the posting screen before pasting your text, to avoid auto-formatting. (Instructions on using the HTML editor).

  • Your moderators are:

    If you have any questions, you can email the moderators at davis_square_lj@aaaaa.org (but change those underscores to dashes) or post/comment in davis_meta. Please do *not* post the corrected form of that email address (with dashes) anywhere public, or CC it to public lists.

    This community was created by neitherday.

    Searching the community

    Here are three search forms that may be useful for finding old posts in

    Google custom search engine

    LiveJournal's own Yandex search engine

    For more search options, such as filtering by author and date, use LJ's advanced search form.


    Get your own code!

    Some Useful Local Links

    City of Somerville - official city government site
    Somerville ResiStat blog - a Somerville city government initiative for citizen involvement
    City of Cambridge - official city government site
    MBTA - Boston-area public transportation

    Somerville address-based lookup form will tell you your trash pickup day, street sweeping days, local and state elected officials, ward and precinct numbers, and polling place location

    Somerville Journal - weekly newspaper (aka Wicked Local Somerville)
    Somerville Journal's Blog
    The Somerville Times (formerly The Somerville News) - weekly newspaper
    Post Somerville -- online local news site (seems to be dead now, last post in August 2011)
    Somerville Beat - Elyse Andrews' blog is a "guide to this small town in a big city"
    Boston.com/Somerville -- Boston Globe's hyperlocal site
    Somerville Patch - AOL's Patch news site for Somerville (future is in doubt after its editor was laid off in January 2013)
    Scout Somerville - bimonthly glossy magazine, with a useful online event calendar
    Ward 5 Online -- Courtney O'Keefe's site often covers news & events of interest to Davis Square
    Greater Somerville -- a weekly cable TV talk show hosted by Joe Lynch
    Cambridge Chronicle - weekly newspaper (aka Wicked Local Cambridge)
    Cambridge Day - online news site for Cambridge

    Porter Square Neighbors Association and its useful mailing list

    OurCommonPlace.com/Somerville -- new city-wide forum established in December 2012
    Somerville Sub-Reddit

    Somerville Arts Council
    ARTSomerville (separate from the Arts Council, but related)
    Somerville Public Library
    Cambridge Public Library

    Online radio scanner for Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, and Medford police and fire. (also includes Brookline, Waltham, and Watertown) Requires Java. Allows you to listen to transmissions up to three hours in the past.
    Online radio scanner for Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, and Medford police and fire (also includes Belmont, Lexington, and Winchester)
    Online radio scanner for Somerville, Medford, and Arlington police and fire. (Also includes Malden, Melrose, and Winchester)
    Another Somerville police scanner -- from RadioReference.com, doesn't require Java

    Somerville Voices blog
    Friends of Lexington Park (Yahoo group; Lexington Park is where Highland Road and Hancock Street meet the bike path)
    Somerville Moms (Yahoo group)
    Somerville For Schools (Yahoo group)
    Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership (STEP) - working to bring the Green Line to Somerville
    Progressive Democrats of Somerville
    som|dog - Somerville Dog Owners' Group
    Somerville Garden Club
    Davis Square Flickr Group - see and post local photos here

    YourDavisSquare.com - Davis Area Resident-Business Initiative (DARBI)
    Somerville Local First - support our local businesses
    CitySquares.com - Davis Square
    Yelp.com Boston - reviews of restaurants and other businesses

    Somerville Freecycle is a great way to find takers for stuff you own but no longer want

    Twitter: 02144now posts things related to Davis Square that people submit.
    Use the hash tag #davissq on your Davis Square related twittering.

    Neighboring LJ communities

    sville_police - Syndicated RSS feed of Somerville police and fire news (from Somerville Journal)
    davis_ramblers - for Davis folks interested in walking, jogging, and running
    centralsquare (Cambridge)
    menotomy - Arlington
    tttufts - Tufts University

    And finally, a great song about Somerville, written and recorded by David Misch in 1973.
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